Kaiyndy lake

Kolsai Lake

Kolsai Lakes are called “the pearl of the Northern Tien Shan”. The lakes of the Tien-Shan Spruce are surrounded by lakes. The depth of the lakes reaches 50 m. Among the fauna – rainbow trout. Kolsai lakes include 3 lakes: The third lake is at an altitude of 1818 m, its length is 1 km, the width is 400 m, the depth is 80 m.

There are guest-houses and campsites in the nearby village of Saty. There is a 25 km hiking route that begins at the lower lake, progresses by the Kolsai lakes, and moves over the Sary-Bulak pass (3,278 m). The route takes three days by foot, or one day by horse. Kolsai Lakes are a popular mountain tourism destination in the region. Hiking trails to Kolsai Lakes are relatively accessible for beginners. Popular activities in the area include picnics, horse riding, and mountain biking. April to late September are standard periods for camping in the area.

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