Pamir Highway

Wakhan Corridor

Trekking in Wakhan and Pamir may have dodged bucket-list status but the country’s snow-capped Pamir mountains and their verdant valleys have enticed curious adventurers for centuries. Join the privileged few ever to have explored the Wakhan Corridor on foot. Reach its 3500m+ peaks and explore the flourishing Wakhan National Park on this epic journey over high-altitude passes and through colourful nomadic encampments.

Wakhan Corridor is a remote place. Steep, rough-walled mountains are intersected by the river valleys that braid together the Pamir, Tien Shan, Karakorum and Hindu Kush. Foreign diplomats scissored this panhandle out of a map of the 19th century.

Tourists come here for trekking in the majestic landscape, and to meet the locals, who have retained an older way of life. What sets the Wakhan Corridor apart is the difficulty in getting here, keeping modern ways and mainstream tourism out. Life is harder and more traditional here than across the border.

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