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If there is one road in Central Asia that captures the imagination above all others it’s the M41, better known as the Pamir Highway (Памирское шоссе). Technically, the M41 and the Pamir Hwy are not identical thoroughfares: the M41 starts from Dushanbe and extends to the Kyrgyzstan border. The Pamir Hwy, by contrast, refers to a section of the M41 that runs only between Khorog and Osh. But who cares about the technicalities! The route, by whatever name it’s given, is famous for a reason. Whether bending along the hem of Tajikistan, following the Pyanj River, or winding across remote high-altitude pastures, this highway is one of the most spectacular in the world. Built by Soviet military engineers between 1931 and 1934 to facilitate troop transport and provisioning, it’s the world’s second highest road and, in all its potholed, yak-used glory, is a major highlight of visits to the region.

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Tour Dushanbe to Osh 10days

1)Day.Dushanbe to Kalaikumb
On the way enjoy beautiful scenery,villages,river Pianj,cross the Shurabat Pass. Arrive in Kalaikhumb.Overnight in Kalaikhumb homestay.

2.Kalai Khumb-Yemts
Continue driving from Kalai Khumb to Yemts. Through amazing sky scrapped Pamir Mountains following the afgan trails on the other side of River Panj. You will enjoy breathtaking views of Vanj and Rushan valleys. Overnight in Yemts

3.Hiking in Jizev-Yemts
Today we will make a short hike to the scentic Jizev valley. Car will drop you next to the bridge. The valley is surrounded by high mountains, crystal clean springs, green trees,sandy and rocky hills bring you up to the tuny village with very few people. Enjoy being alone with the wild nature supported with the sings of birds. Hike back to car,overnight in home stay.

Day 4 Yemts-Khorog
Drive to Khorog.The route passes through amazing twists and turns.The snow-capped mountains,criss-crossed by wild rivers and lakes.Arriver to Khorog,the capital of the Gorno-Badakshan Avtonomous Oblast(GBAO).Overnight in Khorog.Explore Khorog includung the bazar and the lovely Batanical Gardens which are perched high above the town,affording some great panoramic view

Day5. Khorog-Ishkashim
About 50kms along the road to our next stop at Garmchashma hot springs for an(optional)dip in the waters.Visit detour to the nearby village of Namangut to visit the Khakha Fortress. From here we enter the Tajik half of the wakhan Valley (shared with Afghanistan)and pass regional gem mines mentioned by Marko Polo.The most famous mine is Koh-i-Lal ruby mine wich is visible from the road.Ishkashim itself the regional centre,but it is essentially still a large vilage and we stay there.
Driving along the Wakhan valley and visit detour to the nearly village of Namadguti to visit the Khakha Fortress.This impressive structure rises from a naturally formed platform of rock and dates back to the Kushan era of the 3rd Century.There are a number of these ancient fortresses in the area and we also visit Yamchung fort,perhaps the most impressive of them.We take a break at the Bibi Fatima hot springs,named for the Prophet Muhammeds sister and where local women believe they can increase their fertility.Continuing on we then stop at the 4th Centure Buddhist stupas at Vrang,reminders of the ancient piligrim caravans that passed through the region.stay in Langar.

Today we get a chance to explore the amazing landscape of this area.We drive up to Bulunkul lake via the Kargushi Pass (4344meters).On this journey we leave behind the lush valleys of the Wakhan Valley and enter a landscape that is rochy,mostly barren but nevertheless dramatic.This is the Pamir Highway we have anticapated,with the route between Khorog and Osh completed in 1931 across a Tibetan-plateau style high altitude terrian.Arrive to Bulunkul visit to Yashil kul and drive to Murgab.On the way,cross high altitude pass Naizatash Pass (4137m) along the Pamir Highway.Visit Roch painting dated 8000-5000 BC at Shakhtycave. Overnight in Murgab.

8day )Murgab-Karakol.
Early morning drive to Kara Kul lake.The most dramatic scenery of the trip,with the Lunar-like landscapes and bright blue takes your breath away).Cross a high-altitude pass Ak-Baital pass (4655m),descend to Karakul. Climb to the peninsula of the lake to observe the most spectacular scenery of the lake which makes you to forget everything and admire the beauty. (3915m).

Day 9. Kara Kul-Tulpar Kul lake (peak in)
Continue driving,cross the Kyzylart pass (4336m). Crossing border tajik to kyrgyz head to the Tulpar Kul lake. View of peak in is amazing, can have short walk on the beautiful landscape with the view of Peak in.If you want you can ride horses up to the hill to see the snow covered Peak in.stay in a yurta.

10 day.Drive to Osh (260km 4/5 hour
Cross two passes Taldyk 3600 m and Chyiyrchyk 2300 m. Possible to have a quick meal in nomadic kyrgyz family on the breathtaking top of Chyiyrchyk valley. Take pictures of landscapes and animals. Arrive early evening in Osh. Overnight in Osh.




  • Transportation, driver, Fuel, Petrol
  • Cook
  • English speaking guide
  • Accommodation, Yurt/Guesthouse
  • Meals,
  • parks, museum tickets
  • Mineral water
  • GBAO permit
  • Travel insurance,
  • VISA
  • Air tickets,
  • Alcohol
  • Tax of bank,
  • Additional services not mentioned in the program.
  • 1 person = $2200
  • 2 people = $1300 per person
  • 3 people = $950 per person
  • 4 people = $800 per person
  • 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 people = $800 per person

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